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History of Fair Havens African Methodist Episcopal Church


New Birth African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church was founded by The Reverend Y. Louise Hicks in Rockville, Maryland on January 2, 1994. The new church congregation consisted of two families that held worship services at a local hotel. Although the congregation grew, it was not able to sustain the weekly hotel expenses.  Subsequently, the church was moved to Pastor Hicks’ home. In April 2006, The Reverend Darryl Wade was appointed to lead New Birth A.M.E. Church in its spiritual growth and development. Rev. Wade conducted weekly worship services at a Presbyterian Church hall in Rockville, Maryland until his appointment and transfer March 2008 to a church in the Virginia Conference. 


In April 2008, The Reverend William Kenlaw was appointed to pastor New Birth AME Church. Under his leadership, the church moved to a local elementary school. Pastor Kenlaw employed several outreach strategies to engage residents of the Rockville community. Pastor Kenlaw was appointed to Galilee A.M.E. Church in April 2012.   


The Reverend Linda E. Mouzon was appointed Pastor of New Birth A.M.E. Church at the Washington Annual Conference on April 28, 2012. At the time of her appointment, New Birth AME Church had one member, Sister Cleo Prather. Recognizing the challenge in growing the church in Rockville, Pastor Mouzon requested and received permission to move. In July a site was obtained and leased building in a Baltimore County, Maryland business park. The first Sunday morning worship service in Baltimore was on August 3, 2012. By the end of year 2012, twenty adults had joined the church.


Pastor Mouzon recognized that the church faced a challenge in ministering to the community. Because of its location, the church was isolated from people’s homes and difficult to find. Members unanimously voted to purchase a permanent church home in a residential community. The congregation believed that moving to a neighborhood would increase opportunities for evangelism and ministry. On April 25, 2015, the Washington Annual Conference approved a name change from New Birth A.M.E. Church to Fair Havens African Methodist Episcopal Church.


"Fair Havens African Methodist Episcopal Church"

The church name reflects its two word Greek origin: (1) kalós – attractively good; good that inspires (motivates) others to embrace what lovely; and (2) limén—harbor or haven, safety. Fair Havens as described in Acts 27:8 was a safe place to stay.

June 22, 2015, Fair Havens A.M.E. Church successfully purchased the Polish Home Hall, a national historic building, located at 4416 Fairhaven Avenue in the Curtis Bay/Brooklyn communities in Baltimore, Maryland. Since the move, Fair Havens is meeting the spiritual and material needs of the community. Residents have received school supplies, food, clothes, and most importantly the Gospel message. 


Fair Havens A.M.E. Church demonstrates the reality of its name by: Being a community of love • Sharing the Gospel with everyone • Providing ministry to the church family • Offering ministry to our neighborhood residents, schools, and businesses.

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